Fenton Glass

Fenton GlassFenton Glass creates jewelry of exceptional quality and design crafted in glass.

Our glass bears the signature of handcraftsmanship; slight variations that convey distinction, character, and charm. In 1905, brothers Frank and John Fenton founded Fenton Art Glass in Williamstown WV. The Fenton Art Glass company quickly made a name for itself for its innovative glass colors and hand-painted decorations on glassware.

Fenton Glass Jewelry honors the same techniques and traditions that made the brand world-renowned. All of our products are proudly designed and produced by talented artisans in America.

Fenton Glass History

Fenton Art Glass founder Frank Fenton had a dream to produce beautiful glass under his own company name. In 1905, Fenton Art Glass was founded when Frank and his brother John made a bank deposit of $284.86.

One year later in 1906, the brothers broke ground for a manufacturing plant in Williamstown, West Virginia. It was in that plant that Fenton produced the innovative colors and techniques, such as carnival glass and exquisite hand decoration, that kept Fenton Art Glass at the forefront of the handmade glass industry for decades to come.

 The Williamstown, WV plant had been run by generations of the Fenton family, continuing with the techniques developed by Frank and John Fenton to create artistry in handcrafted glass that has been loved by collectors around the world. Glass manufacturing in the Williamstown plant ceased in 2011.

 In 2015, Fenton Glass Jewelry began producing handcrafted glass jewelry using classic Fenton colors and the same techniques found in the traditional glassware to preserve the dream of our founder and allow a new generation the opportunity to enjoy beautiful handcrafted glass.

Fenton Glass Products

Fenton Glass ProductsUtilizing many of our company’s historic techniques and glass colors, our products offer something truly unique in the marketplace. Our exclusive hand decorating technique, using high-fired ceramic glazes, sets us apart from our competition.

Our team of artisans drive the creative process for Fenton Glass Jewelry. It is with their expertise and imagination that Fenton’s collections come to life. 



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