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"Kalico Kitty" Glass Cornerstone Bead

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SKU: 10556
Color: Chocolate Brown
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Kalico Kitty...Inspired by a Soft Kitten Named Snickers

Our handmade Vasa Murrhina glass bead was designed by Jena Lane Blair. Vasa Murrhina glass, a term which means "vessel of gems", each bead captures a glittering layer of Goldstone. Our beadmakers use extreme care to maintain its sparkle in the hot flame. This difficult process is one of the secrets of Fenton quality and the brilliance of its beads.

Because of the handmade process, bead size may vary in size, but most will be approximately 3/4" in length.

Fenton Handmade in USA handcrafted glass beads are compatible with and will fit most major brands of bracelets and necklaces, including our own line of accessories.

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